Need to change my controls.


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I have had issues with DoD that makes it unplesent now. I started it up on a nice cold day outside, and started to play. I looked at my scor in amasment! like 6-30! Now for all that know me that wouldnt happen in a cold day in hell unless something was wrong.

Is thier a way for me to fix them without going into my options that dont save? console?

Hold on, I don't understand your problem. Is it that you can't change your settings and have them save? It just sounds like your config.cfg was set to Read-Only. All you have to do is right-click it, go to Properties, and uncheck 'Read-Only'.
You should have all your settings saved in an autoexec.cfg. Almost all experienced gamers use autoexec.cfg/userconfig.cfg's to hold their saved settings. That way you dont have to worry about editing the keys in game or losing your settings. You can change and test anything you want that way and upon next reload, it will load back the settings of your autoexec.