Erratic mouse movement

every once in a while my mouse will freeze during game play. It's happened with the Logitech MX100 and the GX7, after a second or two I can move freely, but for that 2 second time, and in DoD, that's life and death, I'm frozen as for moving in a direction I want.
Does anyone have this issue? I have a WRT54G wireless router on the same desk as my mouse, but the opposite side. speakers on on the desk as well, but I use headphones mostly.
I don't know what else could be causing the interference. Any help would be appreciated.
My mouse does something similar. Every once in a while, it doesn't freeze but it forces me to look up and it spins quite a bit making me lose my grip on reality. I think it's just because I've got an old mouse, I love the little guy though...
just the mouse. I can't look or turn around. I can move forward or strafe, but not rotate via the mouse. I think I can fire though, and that's mouse 1... hmm...
[quote1187116364=Sheik Yerbouti]
just the mouse. I can't look or turn around. I can move forward or strafe, but not rotate via the mouse. I think I can fire though, and that's mouse 1... hmm...

How long have you had your mouse?
Got the xact pad, dual surface, tried both sides. Same thing. I read that there could be a tiny blockage of the laser that would cause it. If not, I'll get in touch with Logitech, they seem to be very good about customer service.
I have a MX1000... only a few times have that happened to me...
i just lift the mouse and blow the blockage out...Be it lint or dust who knows...
Good Luck
I have an MX1000 and that kind of stuff only happens to me when I accidently hit those quickscroll buttons above and below the scroll wheel. It gets stuck and causes me to look straight up and spin. I just hit the button again and it's fixed. It doesn't happen every time I hit them, though.
I had the exact same problem with the exact same mouse over a year ago. I'd be playing DOD, and the mouse would just stop responding, or force me to look straight up in the air - but only briefly. It was enough to agitate the hell out of me. I posted on the forums of the server I was playing on at the time, and there was a dude who had experienced the same problem. He told me to update the drivers.

I did it, and it worked. Try new drivers, you may be stuck using the drivers before the problem was patched.
DUDE THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE G7 Gaming Mouse, i have the same thing and its the best mouse ive ver had. Something might be conflicting with ur mouse, did u look on the companies website for support?
The same thing happened to my old mouse and I figured out the problem. The cord was being tugged on too much and it was slowly breaking away from the mouse. This is most likely the problem with your mouse. The only solution to this is to get a new mouse.
Hey thor, That spinning thing that happened to me too before. I think it's because the mouse moves a certain way.

But this happens to my keyboard. I got a wireless mouse and keyboard and it's always the keyboard that hinders me from moving. When I hold down the move forward key it occasionally stops working for a second or two. It's the worst when I'm holding a cooked nade.
Turns out they'll both be replaced. Both faulty. I did absolutely every troubleshooting thing i could think of short of reinstalling the O/S, but that was NOT going to happen. This is a fairly common occurance with these mice. I know the G7 is great, that's why I bought it.
I had the MX1000, saw the price for the G7 and got it. I'll have a new G7 and the new Revolution or whatever it's called.

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