[poll] Arcade VS Real

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Just seeing what type of FPS everyone likes. Things like Red Orchestra, with no crosshairs, only Iron sight aiming, and wind affecting bullets are realistic games. Things like Counterstrike Source, and Unreal Tournament are arcade, meaning the guns are very accurate, and very little realism (in Unreal, the bullets go EXACTly where they say they will). And Battlefield 2 is in between, with semi-accurate and realistic weapons.

On the rating scale, DoDS would get 8 out of 10 on realism. Just curious
Woot first vote :p

I chose in between. I play lots of games online, including DoD:S, Battlefield 2, and F.E.A.R. I couldn't possibly choose just one.
i love the realistic ones.... mainly because in RO u can always brag about no-crosshairing people :p i personally hate arcades like ut2k4 but love the semis like bf2
Sorry I accidetnally put in two in betweens, that was an accident. One for Mobser and one for Stormy, I guess?

Yeah I like Red Orchestra, and UT2k3 and UT2k4,but I cant stand in between, like battlefield 2. UGH!

It is fun to brag about no crosshairing peo[ple in RO :)

Both people
i like them all. some days i like RO with no cross hairs, some days i like bf2, and some days i like ut2k4. mainly its DoD for me but there are those days where you really like to be rewarded for putting someone exactly in your crosshairs
I love battefield and the ting I like most is that you do need to take into consideration of wind, angle... i'm in between becasue it is a smaller map and you're not getting a very long shot most of the time so wind isnt realy a hudge deal. Sometimes i think that there should be a little resistance but not a real big diffrense that could realy mess you up.
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