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So i have never had to go too the DMV and take a drive test to get my license tell yesterday. In Texas ur parents and take a class to be ur instructer, so for my class C and A that i got at 16 & then 18 my dad did it with me. Well i let my class A expire and was required to get atleast a class B for work or i would be looking for a new job right now. It wasnt to bad, i passed it no problem, but the guys at work sure know how to scare u before hand about it. I put it off tell this month and i was required to get it before Sept. so im glad i have it and its done with. Fof those that dont know a class C is what everyone gets just to drive a regular vehical. Class B and A are referred too as CDL's,(Commerical Drivers License.) Meaning dump trucks and tankers, class A are 18 wheelers.
Yeah, the test is rather easy. I just took it about.... a month ago. Go to the DMV website and take the tutorials/pretests. They helped me out alot. :p
I never had a problem getting my class C license. Now, when I got my class M I was a nervous wreck.

Anyone that did an MSF course will know why. The box SUCKED!
I go in a week from this friday for my CDL drive test. Class A. the general knowledge sucked hardcore, but the others weren't too bad. having a lot of fun at truck driving school, yes there are truck driving schools, kinda anxious to get mine over with and out on the road. gonna keel me some byciclists, 10 points each!!! J/K not gonna run any of em over
I was thinking of trying for an M1 permit... but idk. xD My mom would have a heart attack if I actually got it?

Getting the license and getting a bike are 2 different things. In the class you never go over 20 MPH and you don't use powerful bikes to learn. MSF classes use small Honda Shadows and HD classes use Buell Blasts. Look into an MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) Rider Course at your local university/community college or go to your local Harley stealership..... I mean dealership and sign up for the Riders Edge Beginners course. They both teach the same stuff but Riders Edge was how I learned. And trust me, the stuff you learn transfers to any bike - whether your thinking about getting a busa, a sport bike, a drag bike like my V-ROD, or a cruiser.
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meh i had fun on mine = )



If I ever come to Columbia remind me to wear my helmet anytime I'm outdoors :p
Yeah my work trains u for ur B or A, so that wasnt hard, fun to say the least. Getting paid to drive around town for a month was not bad at all. The dmv lady was a hard ass but i passed and she was alright after the incab, airbrake, and skills test was over. She didnt even score me during my drive part, she just said the i passed with 100%. Now i have to drive them and actually work.:(
I never took a driving test, I did the parental program, you get your permit when your 15 and license when your 16, its been over 4 years since i got my license and I've never gotten a ticket or in a wreck ***Knock on Wood***
Guys Im actually really scared im taking mine tomorow as i am 16 tommorow and i really dont know if im gunna pass.
In canada ( dont know if its the everywhere else) you go to the Ministry of Transportation and write a 2 part test. one is road signs which i know and the other is like driving and vehicle safety. which i dont think i know. anyone here frome canada that has taken it? help me!
as long as you use a nice little car for your drivers test it all should be good.....not my moms mini-van
I live in Houston, and I know that there are thousands upon thousands of idiots that should never have got a license, but did. If they can get a license, it's likely that you can too. Don't sweat it too much, but DO study and learn the do's and don'ts and rules of the road.
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meh i had fun on mine = )



If I ever come to Columbia remind me to wear my helmet anytime I'm outdoors :p

lol, baron is closer than you think, New Yorker's must fear Baron's driving regularly.

What's all this M1, A, B, whatever driving tests.

You only take one in Britain and you drive for life, unless you lose your feet or something.
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What's all this M1, A, B, whatever driving tests.

Different US states have different laws and stipulations on driving requirements. Additionally, there are many different types, or classes, of licenses, and each can have different restrictions depending on the driver.

Just because you're licensed to drive a standard passenger vehicle doesn't mean that you're licensed to operate a forklift or 18 wheeler. There's likely a similar system in place in the UK.

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