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I was wondering if this clan did matches with other clans? Also i was just thinking that something that would be fun is have


=(e)= VS. =(eG)= then the winner goes against the =(eGO)=.

If we did this we could have a place on the site to sign up and since the server only holds 30 we could do 15 on one team and 15 on the other.

Just an idea. I thought it would be a fun thing to try. So just tell me what you guys think!!!
As of right now, we aren't a competitive clan. Could change in the future.

As for the interclan matches, I think it would be fun. A couple problems though. One, we don't base people's positions in the clan by skill, but by maturity and personality. Two, we would have to temporarily password the server. This would deter a lot of people. The server has been going great, and we don't really want to jeopardize that.

Hope that helps answer your questions.
As far as matches go we don't really scrim very much, we are more of a gaming community then a clan. But I'm cool with anything. As far as the =(e)= vs. =(eG)= I think that would be an awsome event to hold, but I would scale down the teams a little bit. Maybe make it 7v7 or something. 15 vs 15 is a little hard to get everyone on at the same time. I would be willing to help caoordinate if this did hapen :D:D
Sweet. I'd like to be a weapons instructor lol, that would be cool. Probably deal with MGs and snipers. Teach newcomers to be almost as good as me ;)
i just wish everyone would play more like a team, and follow ones orders, if everyone stuck together and did a fullout rush we would win all the time.
Well I could talk with the council members, see their takes on it. I think it's a pretty sweet idea, I would feel like R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket...except I'll leave out all the obscenities :)
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