Upcoming game releases


[link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNQO0EsFLjw]Check this out[/link]

all i can say is that wow !amazed

im gonna have to start saving up bank to buy a new high advance pc to be able to play that cod 4 modern warfare cause that game its going to throne over dod: s for sure
If call of duty 4 lives up to the hype, I might actually buy a 360 just for that.

It's coming out on PS3 as well, you should get one of those instead.
It's also releasing on computer, so if you buy a system for a game you can get on your computer, then you're just silly!

Yea, this could be the GoTY for me. Just playing the demo was amazing. Might disappear for a while from the servers and go "somewhere, beneath sea..." Check out the hi-def video on Steam. And if you like it, give the demo a shot. Wow, just wow....
4gigs of Ram
Geforce 8800GTX
Intel quad-core processor

Bring it on!

CoD4 looks pretty sweet, I'm just afraid that it's gonna play exactly the same as all the previous CoD games.

I'm actually looking forward to MoH: Airborne and Crysis.
I read teh preview of CoD4 and teh screens were amazing. Sadly, it talked about special abilities sorta like 'Power Ups' Mario Brothers in Camo'alls? If it has the game play it has the look. We'll see.

Daddy needs a new rig.
Looks like the PS3 will finally get a chance to show how much arse it can kick. Haters beware, the PS3 can and will show it's strength in the future.

I actually probably won't buy a single one of those games those. I HATED all the CoD games up to this point, and just because it's not WW2 anymore doesn't mean I'm going to jump on board and waste more money. Like there aren't already enough modern/futuristic shooters out there anyway.

Killzone looks like it would be the most appealing to me, the most unique anyway (the first one was pretty cool). Unfortunately, I don't like playing shooters on consoles period and will stick with my PC for a long time me thinks.