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I know, I know too many rules can be bad but this rule will rid eGO of all the whiners that lurk our servers. Anyway, I was just in the avalanche server and I swear I heard "GIVE ME TEH SNIPARZ" or "MG NOW PLZ" at least one hundred billion times.

Anywho, onto the point, I propose that we should warn people about begging for slots numerous times and if they continue to do so, kick them or even ban them for an hour.

Whad'dya think?
I think if its out of hand you can definitely call that disrupting the server and have every right to tell them to stop. If they persist then they're disrespecting admins. I think the current rules already allow for us to deal with these kind of players.
yeah hogger..but yeah this is a good rule, like get dom to on the tfront page put "Do not ask for weapon slots multiple times. This can result in a kick or ban."
I don't think this will become a rule. The reason being, all you have to do is tell them to stop asking for the slot. when it becomes available the person should call out "sniper open" as an admin, if the person continues to ask for it just mute them. but warn them first. always warn before takin any action always.!
Yeah, who cares.... unless they're screaming for it on mic it doesn't really matter. If they're screaming on mic tell them to stop and wait... If they're typing it.. but not spam... what can you do? If people don't want to see it they can disable chat (disablehud). However.... there should be a rule against spamming for a weapon. Like... OMGOMGGIMMERSNIPERZPL0X (50x in 10 minutes)

My usual response to people who beg and whine.... Who gives a crap... just play. You'll play better if you're not worrying about how crappy another player may or may not be with a certain weapon. You don't NEED that weapon to be good nor do you NEED that player to do his job to win.
Eh. This sounds like one of those rules that's good in theory, but difficult to enforce and cope with.

When your team is getting stomped due, in part, to inadequate MGing or sniping, and some dude named "Player" is running around firing an MG into the air with his flashlight on, it's difficult not to ask that player to consider giving up his gun for the good of the team.

I think asking in that manner, and giving up the gun, are both polite and appropriate gestures. On the other hand, having someone continuously beg for a gun can be both annoying and disruptive. Though my input isn't worth much, I'd advise just sticking with the "disrupting the server" rule - and just leave it at that.
This is kind of an unwritten rule, I warn for ppl to stop asking for the weapons. They get muted if they continue, if they cause trouble after that then they get kicked. Its as simple as that.
I finally got tired of having people ask me for sniper over, and over, and over.... and over... and over again. so now I just play assault and snipe with a thompson =D
I think this is a good rule. I also think that saying "when you're done with it, can i have it" should be disallowed. A lot of people may want the spot, so they should just have to wait to get it. Whoever notices it first should get the spot.
What I do, personally, is if I want a particular gun, I'll ask, "Hey can you let me know when sniper is open?" And usually people will be like oh yeah sure. And it's not begging for it, and just ask once rather than CAN I HAVE SNIPER PLEASE OMFG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I'LL KILL MYSELF IF I DON'T GET IT, EVEN THOUGH I SUCK AT IT!

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