Family + Lung Cancer = No Fun :(

Well...sadly , I must say , a family member of mine , that I was very close to , my grandfather , was diagnosed with Lung Cancer that a few small tumors Have Spread to his liver and , a small tumor , to the back of his neck.

They already started radiation on the one in the neck , and plan to do it for the ones in the Lungs and liver.

Then they plan to do chemo.

Now , I have read on the internet about the average life span , but , has anyone had a similar "problem" with a family member , and , how long did they last before they passed on?

Thanks everyone!,

Sorry to hear that brother.... I haven't had anyone with lung cancer in my family... but both of my parents have had to do Chemo and Radiation for cancer treatment. Send your Grandfather my regards and tell him to stay strong.
Only me and Morbid feel your pain?
I heard that my grandmother got breast cancer, but i'm not so sure she did. grandmas best friend had lung cancer. she smoked one cigarrette. ONE. and got it, she lived for 2 years on chemo, radiation,the works. then passed on (wasnt 2 years it was more like 1 year 10 months)
both of my grandparents were diagnosed with lung cancer, my grandfather had kidney and skin cancer as well, they told him about a year or 2.... that was 5 years ago, and he is still here today, the lung cancer was removed and he had the infected kidney taken out aswell, the skin cancer just went away on its own. my grandmother was diagnosed 3 years ago, she was told 6 months.

when it comes to cancer you never know, so cherish all the time you can get with them
my grampa had brain cancer. they put him on chemo and he was doing fine but the chemo made him vulnerable to illnesses and he got pneunomia and was too weak to fight it. hopefully your grampa will do better and get through it.
My grandfather had a spot on his lung but they caught it very soon. My friends mother has been going through chemo(sp) for a long time and she has stayed strong and lived through it.
I hope he does ok.
my grandfather passed away about a year ago from cancer in his stomach.. .he was living alone and got wasted and pasted out... woke up and was horibbly sick and couldn't hardly move... for 3 whole days he stayed on his couch until finally he rummaged up enough energy to reach the phone.. but when he called us it was too late.. and by the time the doctors could figure out what was wrong with him .. he had cancer through out his boddy and in a few weeks time he passed on... !sad so i know how you feel... but hang in there ppl fight cancer and survive all the time...
My nephew had a brain tumor when he was 2 years old, in 6 months he was gone. Then about 3 or 4 years later, my Grandpa got one, and in about 5 months he was gone. You never know. Sometimes people live for years, other times they live for weeks.