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On many occasions i have been playing Strand and almost everybody in the server is being cheap or messing around. I was on the German team. While 12 of my teammates were screwing around in the elevator, I was being completely slaughtered by the many allies who were spawn camping. Right when i would walk out of a door from the spawn, there would be an mg or a few guys camping. The only way to get out of the spawn was to go through the tunnels, kill a few allies, and try to get on the elevator, which was hard to do with the people playing on it. The admins that were there would usually do nothing, although sometimes they joined in on camping or playing in the elevator. =(eGO)= has always said that it is a mature gaming clan, and i am disappointed to report this, but I can't even enjoy playing my favorite server anymore.
hmmms, I can't say that I've noticed anything up to "12" team mates messing around on strand. Though strand does seem to attract a lot of "punk" like players. It is difficult to sort things like this out as it would not be prudent to kick half the server for messing around; I'm sure a warning would work though. I promise to try and sort things like this out if it should ever happen when I'm on.

Normally people "play" in the elevator because they are defending big gun and waiting for allies to appear though I agree that 12 is excessive to say the least. It is impossible to truly spawn camp the axis as you can't get into axis spawn, though the door camping thing is very frustrating. Just nade em!
well, maybe i exaggerated. but at least 12 people were at the big gun when we still had all of our things to defend. and btw, they were in the axis base. right out of the sliding blast door (not the one that goes outside, the one with the bunkbeds and stuff.) i dont know how they got there. and they would find hard-to-nade spots to camp, and change positions. and they were not waiting for allies to come up. they were taking screen shots and shoveling the walls. the allies even blew the gun up when most of the team was there. and today was not the only time this happened
If this becomes a problem we might have to look into it. It is the job of every clanmember to encourage teamwork and try to let everyone enjoy the game. I for one have never seen that kind of stuff happen.
it was way more than one game. i repeatedly said things like "guys, cmon lets defend the 88" or "come on guys dont mess around in the elevator". It wasn't really funny and it messed up many of the games, until i left.
Zombie how could you possibly consider that teamwork? I've seen Axis win with 7 minutes to spare on ONE last objective. Please don't let me catch that happening again...
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No it was 12. It was hilarious. We all piled in the Big gun elevator and made it go up and down

Just you and goofy??? or 12????
Yea and you where one of the guys ZOmbieFruit
After i told everyone stop messing with the elevators and MIc Spammin and no one listen

So i kicked and =(e)= then everyone settle down
moe and rev and corp JOined and made eveything better
Thanx guys
Ya know i wasnt on axis at that time, but thats not acceptable. it just promoted people to screw around on out servers when they see clan members doin git. So plz just keep it fun and try tyo work together, but dont be too camanding like i am right now.
Listen guys i quit after Baron told me to so dont be yelin at me


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If this becomes a problem we might have to look into it. It is the job of every clan member to encourage teamwork and try to let everyone enjoy the game. I for one have never seen that kind of stuff happen.
[/quote1187221375]Same here. I never see that many at the big gun unless its the only thing left. And if 5 people are messing around with the elevator, well, be thankful there's somebody at big gun, I can never get anyone to guard it.

If you see that kind of behavior going on on a massive scale, please let us know. Normally we're not on the look-out for that sort of thing. There's no rule against camping big gun or playing with the elevator.
i know there is know there is not a rule against camping or playing in the elevator, but =(eGO)= is supposed to be a mature gaming clan. I can't think of anything more immature and cheap than going through the axis tunnels and somehow getting your team to guard every spawn. While that is teamwork, it is cheap and not what the game is about. The only thing more immature is playing in the elevator. Most times i get on, there is 1 or 2 people doing it. Today, it was about 85% of the team. It was ridiculous. I don't know how eGO can be a mature clan if people play in elevators and camp.