Skeletons Skins

Baron Rojo

EGO Is My Life!
Yea i think they pretty Cool and look nice with the new Gun Skins i got so here is how they Look

And rev and Corp For a SS shot of the Models


here is one more for REV
El Día de los Muertos!!! nice skins baron, and El Día de los Muertos= Day Of The Dead for u non spanish speakers:)
I'd prefer zombie skins, with chunks of skin missing and cuts all over, and blood coming out of their mouths...

But those are ok.
I have thought abut getting those. I have also thought about making my own gun sounds, where instead of like a gun sound, it's me talking into a microphone going BOOM! Or something. I think that owuld be pretty funny =].
they look alright... not something i would consider though becasue it doesn't look like theres too much of a difference between axis and ally skins... from what i can see they look pretty realistic though... great skins..