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Thanx for the scrim I had alot of fun.Gio, good luck with theschooling bud hope everything works out for the best in your life bud.
congradulations to Morbid for getting promoted after the scrim.
Its moments like tonights scrim that make me want to provide more to the servers and the forums and the clan in general.
I am glad we got to see some more first time scrimmers show up.
Looks like they had fun.
Dont worry if you didnt make the scrim I am sure sailor is cooking up a new one pretty soon. so dont panick if you didnt make this one.
Again thanks to all of you for letting me have fun and help take the edge off the day by playing a game with you guys.
sincerely LUCKY
i had loads of fun, hopefully there will be another very soon. :)
and good luck to gio!!

stay tuned for when the next scrim will thinking about having one next weekend, but ill have news up about 3-4 days prior to it, and i will be there next time, sorry i couldnt make it tonight i was at work.
As a new recruit i would have loved to attend the scrim just to get to know some of the clan members although i had to work during the time it was going on.. bummer.. ill catch one as soon as i can make it though.. !lol
Hope I can make the next one, but weekdays just don't fit no more...actually never did....just sacrificed my sleep for them.

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