Custom Killbar Signatures


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Alright here's the deal, I made a template in photoshop for the killbars you see ingame. Just post a screenshot of who you killed ingame with what weapon and I'll make it into one of these bad boys. :)
Before photo:


The reason I ask for a screenshot is because:

1) I dont want to say you killed someone you didn't...
2) I use it to size the bar, gunicon, and names correctly.
3) It's a way to showoff who you killed. :p
Here is where i punched slayr, that would be awesome if you could make one for me....make it a little smaller also if you could, its to big for me, thanx

haha slayr was betrayed by his own punch lol
i wish they would allow more than 4 kills shown so if you get a 5 five person nade itd show all 5 ppls names if you get what im saying
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maybe it would be good if the ppl that are being killed it blured.

Naw, that would take all the fun out of it. :D
Let me just say one thing. I love how you are doing this but please limit the number of killbars to two. We dont want a list of killbars makeing your sig area too big.