Custom Killbar Signatures

Can you make one of these things for me, using these?




Make a thing that shows my nade on shane, and on hot sauce. And make 2 things with baron: 1 with the garand and the other with the springfield :)
Hmm... I think you'd better just make one GIF of all those. If you set the matte to #333333 it will look just like a PNG on here.
Do you guys take your screenshots off xfire and load them here? I know how Thor does it, but you can't take nearly as many that way *no offense*. I'm hoping to rack up some trophies on KK server, so I'm just wondering what you guys do.
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kills not the rest of the screen shot thanks

How do you play with such a huge crosshair?!
Um well i posted this so that i could have it done. Can someone tell me how to make one or can i just get it?