Strand things that need to be improved

hey its tactical assassin glad that I joined ego it's a great clan, so I'm gonna suggest something about our strand server. We have spawn campers everywhere its not really fun respawning and then instantly dying. On the american team they camp at places where they kill people as soon as they spawn, not cool.Plus to make things worse the germans go in hard to see places on the beach and take out large groups of americans. So if you guys could stop this it would be great, I would myself but im not admin yet. So if they don't stop slay, kick, ban. thanks for listening =)

- Tactical Assassin See everyone on strand, donner, or the new kk map

We're glad to have you. Spawn camping is blocking off all exit routes. For instance, on strand, allies have to at times lay down fire around certain axis exits to cover the detonation area. Without this, allies would have no chance at victory. As for the players using hard to see places as an advantage, that's war bud.
Having the allies start off on the beaches and running for cover from the hail of axis gunfire is fair? Think about it my friend. Axis start with the advantage of defending. Allies need to do whatever they can to breach the defense.
There is no way for axis to NOT spawn kill. They should be able to be on the beach, allies just have to nade em. While allies spawn camping is cheap, it should be allowed, to an extent. As long as they are not IN the axis base shooting axis right as they spawn, but they should be able to be outside.
I totally disagree with you tactical. The strand server is as close to real that can be in a game.
spawn camping is like what midway says blocking off exits and shooting into spawns. not camping outside waiting.
donner for instance is an easy one cause you can snipe from a long wasy away to the axis spawn. is that spawn camping, no I dont believe so. there are sevral exit points for axis in spawn. And the only ones that can get you when your an allie is the sniper and mg.
but the allied snipers are very hard to find with that big horrizon and esspecially if millwakee is on that beach.
for them to last very long.
it is a hard map but if you have seen saving private ryan then you could appreicaite this map. i THINK THAT IS A MAP THAT MOST HAVE TO ADJUST THIER PLAYING STYLE TO
I know but It's a little unfair...

That's the idea of the map. It's supposed to favor the Axis team - initially, at least. EVERY Strand server you play on will be exactly how you've described - especially the bit about Axis shooters getting in hard-to-see places and mowing down Allied beach rushers. That's to be expected, and the map is designed accordingly.

There isn't much that can be done about your complaints. You may just want to stay away from Strand and play on one of the other eGO servers. I do.
and the guys hiding? thats a snipers job!!! so if someone says "hey snipers come out and fight like men" yeah they can go ahead and die....oh then they blame the snipers for them dieing...and its not spawn camping.....cuz theres no spawns in war
according to the council spawn camping is killing someone before they have a chance to move or make any other ingame movement after they've spawned. so on a server like strand, it may seem like you are being spawn camped, but according to our rules, you're not.
Official edge gamers spawn camping interpretation "Waiting inside the opposite teams spawn and killing players as they appear", you cannot get inside the axis spawn on strand which voids the spawn camping argument. I have had people "spawn door camping" on strand many times but it is always easily avoidable, most people just run out of spawn even though they have just witnessed someone die in front of them; butchered with mg fire. All I can say is the allies have a bad deal on strand and moaning about the odd bout of spawn camping as an axis is just trivial. There are multiple ways out of axis spawn and you should always be prudent when leaving by making sure you check to see if anyone is camping in their usual and frankly quite predictable spots. People spawn camping axis are always heavily exposed and therefore easy to take out with nades or by circumventing to a different route. Therefore coming up behind them in order to take them out. I play strand often and have no qualms about this so called "spawn camping". As far as I know eGO does not see this as true spawn camping and would therefore be unwilling to stamp out something which we deem to be "fair play".

Oh and welcome :D
About sniper, there are many ways to do the job. I almost banned some guy who didnt know that and insisted on harassing snipers who didnt play the whay he THINKS the class should ALWAYS be played. Keep that in mind all.

The guy got a first hand lesson and soon after kept his "advice" to himself. Oh, he also changed his name lol but I know who you are! 8)
In a way I find this thread humorous...

Anyone who's played with Revelations or Kamphy when they're Axis will know how much it sucks to be mowed down on the beach.

Anyone who's played with Milwaukee when he's Allies knows to stay the heck away from the hill when he's sniping from the beach.

Do I have to mention Baron and his frackin MG?

Both teams have spots that are sniping heaven. Anyone who complains about being sniped might as well give up the game, because guess what: It's PART of DoD.

Omaha Beach wasn't about a FAIR and level playing field. It was about storming the beach and getting past the various artillery. Why should this map be adjusted so that YOU have the advantage, tactical assasin? Shouldn't you... I dunno... Come up with some.. tactics to kill the opposing team, regardless of what side you wind up on?

Mind you, this is coming from a clanmate who HATES that map. Seriously. I don't like the map's layout, BUT... I can spot the flaws in argument to change it to make it an equal opportunity map. If you want equal opportunity, stick to Flash, or Kalt. If you want gaming that you have to devise team strategy and 'tactical' methods to win... Then have fun on Strand.'re calling for..."fair", on...strand?

What the hell mate? Since when has strand/charlie EVER been fair? It's not supposed to be. Never will be, to make it fair is to ruin the map, plain and simple. It was the same with charlie in classic DoD, the axis have a very solid advantage --- from the very beginning they're shooting into the allied spawn. That's how it's supposed to be, changing it would be silly. So far as uneven maps go, once people know how to play it, it actually is, quite fair. THAT is a map with a definate advantage towards one team...
well said fluffy! no one should argue with her, shes a woman and will win all fights.

@ Flea. i dont think tunisia has an advantage at all, today i was playing and as long as you get teamwork it can be pretty even. we were back and forth each round.