No more MG42 for RoJO!!

Baron Rojo

EGO Is My Life!
Yea Rojo has a new gun = )

and this is COFFEE!! from colombian!!! bought by Milwaukee when he was in Colombia

Gar, Rojo more lethal than ever. I will soon master the hallowed trench knife and plant it firmly in your back, ha har. Why do I have to prefer allies on strand, damn kdr
you're not MG42in' anymore? Oh you better go back, you were fun as hell to snipe in those strand bunkers. I'll beat the love of the MG42 back into you if I gotta


i love the kar98k on strand. support is ok for beach killing if you want to use a whole clip to kill someone. and assualt is pretty much in base killing. i haven't really been on dod in two days and now i'm sorta rusty at the rifle.

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