What would be cool

A eGO type uniform skin that we could use for in game, for instance it could say eGO on helmet and be personalised to the clan. Would be cool, I'd make it myself but I have no idea how to make skins, garrrr.
I already made a skin that has =(eGO)= on the Allies' helmet for Vicious. I posted the link near the end of his 'My GMods' topic in the Art forum.

EDIT: Here's my post:
I finally got that skin hosted.


Screenshot (Don't worry, it's not crooked now):

By the way, do you think you could host a PSD of one your sigs here? I'm just curious to see how you're doing things.
Yeah that would be sick. If the skin's were installed on the server so everyone could see them. The eG's could get an =(eG)= on their helmet and an eGO could get an =(eGO)= on theirs. It would be way to hard to have all the e's get specialized helmets since there are so many and a lot of people join everyday.
Nah, people don't really appreciate downloading things when they join a server, and most don't know how to disable it. I think just keeping it client-side will be fine.