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See you guys next week. I am off to Japan Thurs. with family to watch the Formula 1 race @ Suzuka. We are staying in Osaka but I cannot wait to go shopping in the Shibuya Ward of Tokyo. Hello Kitty heaven :p
they didn't tell you? Hello Kitty bit someone and they had to put her down. i think the person got rabies now too
Have fun, and remember to cheer for Schumi...not Alonso.... Schumi...not Alonso...or Raikkonen ^^
Learn Japanese ^^
.....sushi is good..... they have squinted eyes.....and they're really smart....and evil...be carefull..... there may be no coming back *bum bum bum*

dont learn japanese.. its really hard . i tried to but all i learned is "toothpaste nan deska?".. whatever taht means :p
Lol, have fun. As for learning Japanese...it would take more than a month to learn the alphabet alone :)
I speak some Japenese, It'll be fun there.

But anyways, remember to bow when greeting or the Japs wont like you. Disrespect=bad

And if they dont like you, call them BAKA! (idiot in Japenses, I speak some Jap)
In Japanese, the word ばか baka means "idiot", "moron", "fool" or "dimwit". It can also refer to the condition of being stupid. The word is widely used in conversation and, while derogatory, is not taboo. It is more commonly used in Tokyo and other parts of eastern Japan while in Osaka and elsewhere in western Japan, aho is the usual preferred equivalent.

When used as an adjective in Japanese, baka (na) can mean "absurd" or "crazy" in addition to "idiotic." The adverb form baka ni can mean "extremely" and baka ni dekai "extremely large". Baka ni naru can also mean "overdo" or "overwork".

My brother knows some japanese since he loaned a book in a library..it was murder to listen to him speak it without understanding ^^
Wow heat, that was oddly long for such a simple subject. And yes Noxus, making them more mad is the point. If they already hate you, what will a little more hate do anyways? (Not really, I'm smarter than that)
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