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Sorry to give you false hope if you thought it was done but its not. I actually need =(eGO)= members to help me out...

So give me some ideas for some buildings i can put in the map. I have a Church, 2 Apartments, a graveyard and a gas station. Any more suggestions?
How about something like a factory building, with a couple of ruined floors that hug the sides of the building, the centers having fallen into rubble. So from the inside rubble laden ground floor, you look up to the remainder of the second and third floor that are little more than two person catwalks full of crumbling brick, stone, I-beams, desks, etc.....kind of the same concept as in the movie, Enemy at the Gates. In this case, you hit a stairway at the end that brings you to the second floor, then jump out a window to a flag bunker.....like the 2nd allies flag on Avalanche.

The route could comprise the "hard way" to cap a flag. Players on the upper floors can fire downwards, but those downwards can knock them out with nades, snipes, rifles and mg's. Anyway, the scenario has possibilities. If you've ever seen the movie, you have a general knowledge of what I mean.

The "easy" way is only marginally easier and could involve rushing from the middle and opening yourself to being picked off by multipe mg, snipe or assault players along the way.

A few pics/links are below:



An outside pic of the area:

The danger in having this scenario is the number of players that will want to rename themselves to "Zietsev" and "Koenig" ;-p

Anyway, just dropping you a couple of ideas, since you asked.


Hmm...some dark places. I also have been making a map in Hammer. It uses the dod_orange textures. I'm a noob to Hammer but it's gonna be a lot different and better than the orange maps that have already been made. It's already coming along well, and I've got a lot more work to do.
A few dark places, but the crux is there would be nooks and crannies for gunners, mg and snipes to hide. The ones at the bottom can nade the hell out of the visible floors, but that works as long as the nades hold out....and there is cover from rubble up there that can make it a wound rather than a kill.

...they guys on the floors can pick off the ones trying to get through the floor area until they catch a bullet or nade. There are possibilities.
Hows about like that building in Saving Private Ryan where the german sticks the knife into the guys heart, and theres another guy and the german just walks down and the other guy doesnt do anything... I haven't seen that movie in forever, so I don't really remember much
Ive tried my share at the Hammer, its too complex i suck i need someone next to me helping me video tutorials just wont do..lol, i was thinking some tall trees with treehouses covered in leaves and stuff, and a ladder to go up the tree, and wood bridges connecting the trees like a big fort in the sky, for snipers mg's and anyone else who wants to be in a tree house
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