Which one is better?

Say which one is better and why.



Constructive criticism! I think number 2 looks better, but what I think you should do is get rid of the white border on the DoD flag, and put all the text that is on the first one, on the second one. I think that would make the second one totally pwnage.
It reminds me too much of a copy and paste straight from the vtf. The backround is too plain and needs something to make it stand out. The guns are cool... but like I already said... they're too linear. If I had to choose 1 of the 2 it'd be the 2nd one because it looks the least like a copy and paste and more artistic and creative. (More planned out)
I say both need work... Lol im sorry to say that but they look like they could be given more background. But in a war seen or something to give it that edge.
here is a good idea line up the greman guns on the right w/ the us guns on the left so the tompsom would be right and the mp 40 would be on the oppsiite side lined up w/ it