Website Lag

Hey there, one my computer on only this site, everytime I load a new page, it takes about 10 seconds to load, but when I go to my friends house and bros place there is not lag and my computer is alot better than theirs....

does anyone know how to fix this?
could b because of a slow internet connection.. but maybe you have a fast connection.. if so then its probly because sum1 else is using the internet, try restarting ur comp if this happens again
On my computer, the site loads, the text appears, and is formattec orrectly and THEN it loads the pictures. Yes, the reason the pics take so long is because our website is faster than photobucket where most people have their pics and avatars.

You should try using the latest version of FireFox, or choose to actually be 1337 and use Opera like me. Give up on IE if your using it.
My problem is that it'll load the title of the page just as quickly as other sites, but then it'll hang and be stuck as a blank page for up to a minute in the worst cases before finally loading everything at once instantaneously. It's like it's just waiting for something to finally display the page on-screen.

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