any ps3 gamers in the house??

To lonely ninja: well ive always been a playstation fan ever since the first one came out.. i kno its expensive but i got it for free as a graduation present.. and i really love it.. not much of an xbox fan.

To Reign Chaos: i agree on oblivion i have that game and i tottaly love it.. and yes its true dat xbox 360 has alot of games out... but think about it .. the 360 came out a year b4 the ps3 .. and the ps3 has alot of copyright laws .. so it takes time for the game to be realeased... and me personally i dont like the 360 controller.. i prefer the ps3 because its really similar to the ps2's and ive had a ps2 since 2001 so yea. im planning to get a 360 elite thou once i save up just for the heck of it