My version of a wall hax

don't take the title wrong i don't hack. ok well i was in strand and i was on the german side. The round ended and i respawned. so happens i spawned in someone so i wen't prone. i looked around and i'm in the floor. i'm like omg wth just happened.

while i was there i took some screenies. i was there until one of the e's killed me. i can't remember his name because it was too confusing.



I jad that happen i went prone but i got free and I ran around for awhile with only my head sticking out. lol i got 2 kills and the of course someone killed me with a headshot cause that is all you could see lol
cool cool
I never been stuck like that good for me = )

and Ninjas's avater is from Kingdom Hearts 2

Great games
lol that always happens to me on strand so i use my admin powers (heheheeheh) and slay the other guy im stuck with ;)
sorta reminds me of way back when in sno forest but this is they could see your head lol
some random head rolling around that id want to see

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