Counter Strike help


EGO Zealot
alright i got the game box counter strike source right yall when i put in disc 1 nothing opens but when i put in disc 2 something opens and i hit install then nothing installs. Now what is that telling me? Like how do i get it to install and do i need the CD-Key? It has been activated but do i need it to play counter strike source? If i do then i will just throw the game out. Thankyou if you help out and i will post more as i try stuff. oh if it is in the wrong place pls move it.
i would say put the cs disc back into the box the either set it on fire or sell it on ebay, best two options in my opinion
I'd be happy to give you a real answer, since that's what you're looking for.

Try putting in the disk, going to "My Computer," and right click the CD drive. Go to "Explore." Try manually running anything that looks like an auto-run or auto-install file - something like "autorun.inf". You can also try exploring the disk to look for any setup files so that you can run them manually as well.
You know, you can just download the game through Steam. You don't need to buy the box set at all. I think you could just download it now and put in that CD key when you go to verify your purchase. You're going to have to download tons of updates when you install it, anyway. (I think I'm misunderstanding things, and you may already know this, though)

By the way, you will not need those CDs for anything. That doesn't mean you should throw them out, you just won't need them.