So I'm getting cable on Monday...


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Yup, my days in a sort of internet nether-realm seem to be numbered. I'll be having cable installed and officially enter the 21st century on Monday, August 20.

I mean, sure, I'll lose my one memorable characteristic (shoddy internet), but I think I can live with that sacrifice.

I'll be able to meet all of those mysterious players that play in sight of the wicked day-star, too.

Bwahahaha... I may be delirious. Also, we didn't pay the bill on this 'internet', so I may not be back this weekend. I probably shouldn't get my hopes up, though. Especially given the broken promises that came (FREE OF CHARGE!) with my last two ISPs.
wow I can barely remember a time when I didn't have cable. If I had to go back to 56k I think I would just stop using the internet all together.
56k is fun to use, bullets dont register, lots of dropped connections, not being able to get in many servers, downloading at 5kbs
so now am i the only one who plays on a slow connection still?
Well apparently the fools at the Mediacom corporate center have no idea what they're talking about. They didn't bother actually checking to see if my specific address had Mediacom service, just the general area. I'm about half a mile too far away to get cable.