Get together?

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i think it would be cool to have like a couple of rounds were its just the ego team and have like a little practice type of dohicky...yeah..haha feel free to critisize me in all ways neccesary. thanks

? DyeMatrix?
.....dude.....he so stole my idea.....i will take my anger out in the battlefield.....sadly on my computer...... but that would be cool anways lol
sadly i think we have many more members than the server supports. i was just in a game yesterday and we had alot of eG/eGO members in it. it was pretty crazy but fun. the idea is awsome (giving credit to Blazing Heat) we just need like a sunday afternoon/night. that seems to be when most people are free.
no thats stupid... no ofensie(cant spell that) but then the sever would be way too crowded, it would be mass chaous.
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