Anybody Know a Good gaming mouse?

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well i have a logitech mouse.. but its gotten to 3 yrs old and i want to buy a new one, a gaming mouse to be exact... anybody kno any good ones in da market? under $100?
If your looking a truley good gamming mouse i really would suggest against wireless for several reasons but the main one being that all the best gamming mice are wired.

The mice that would make my shortlist are:
- Logitech G5
-Razer Copperhead
-Razer/ Microsoft Habu
-Rapotor M2 (what i am currently using)
-Razer Diamond back

Those are my personal favourites also a very importand point to considser is getting a good mouse surface to use as a nice surface will increase the performance of nearly any mouse! (try the razer exact mat- its the pwnzors!)
The most important feature of a mouse is that it feels right in your hand. some people love the slanted mouses, some like curved or ambitextrous. Myself, I like skinny mouses.

Go to a store and hold them, see which ones feel good to you. Then, decide if you want wireless or not. If you dont care, get wired as they have a better responce time. I also suggest a lazer mouse as they can be more accurate and have a higher DPI.
I just have a stock logitech, and it works pretty well, my bro has a is nice, but i am not use to using laser, so if ur not, than it could take some getting use to, and my other friend had the G7, also a nice mouse..just like the G5, but wireless...If i were u I would go with wired......oh..and the mice are weighted...also nice feature
oo alrighty thanks alot guys u all helped me alot.. im most likely going to get the logitech g5 since not only you guys but also my friends been tellin me its the best out there.. but i will check up and start to feel the mice to c if i am comfortable wit it.. THANKs AGAIn =]
Hi, Well I know from personal experience that if you have large hands that new Mx revolution form logitech is not the way to go. It's a very nice mouse design and specs wise, but definately made for smaller hands or I should say I don't think they had extended gaming sessions in mind for it.

Plus, it is pretty pricey as well. Yeah the absolute best thing in my opinion is to go and get your hands on a few in a retail store as green monkey and others mentioned. FWIW, I have that G5 wired and am pretty happy overall with it, except when it comes to logitech's setpoint drivers. They need some work but it's not a deal-breaker IMO.
Get a G5 it's what I have it is pretty much the best out there (G7 is the wireless one if you don't mind paying more and dealing with the recharge batteries, it comes with two though)
Charge one will playing with one

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