My best round ever...


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Well i was playing on the snowforest map today... and i think i made some people mad... sorry guys... i was on my game... and will prolly never have another round like this again... i cant remember what my final score was.... btw... i took #1 from u corp ;)


i dun know how many ppl left cuz they couldnt cross the bridge... i was owning sooo bad... sadly... ill never have a day like it again :'(
very very nice man! snipers FTW thats what i say. i play omaha sometimes and my best score was like 98-5. I look forward to working/killing you lol. Impressive scores.
I'd like to point out that for the brief time I played with you, I did not like you with that gun......... I still have no clue where you were!

Good times there.... join the server folks, the map is running on the old Kustom Kettle server:
Very nice, jweng.

You are definitely deadly with that sniper. At one point I decided to grab the MG42 and lay down fire around the tree line until I managed to kill you a few times.
sadly corp.... i did :p.... and midway... you were the only person to fig where i was until another dude came in later... lol...
HEY jweng when you were on allies it was killing me but I got you a couple of times
I am glad you came to the axis and found where I was hiding and then you found that spot realy close to where I was
I am not sure if this score was from that same game but man If I would have styed in there longer I would have probably been up their with you.
Man that Hiding spot is awsom
dont tell anyone so we can continue to dominate the map lol
A full server on there would be awesome... hehehe... more ppl to run across that bridge... lol... but no.... that would be sweet to have a full server on there

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