Superbad!!! the return of high school hijinks !amazed

hey, just saw this movie. i thought it was genuinely funny. yep, it's another teen comedy about three losers trying to get laid before high school ends. but this movie takes it to another level of superbadness... i thought the 2 main char. seth and evan had good chemistry. and the cops played by bill hader and seth rogen were Hi-larious.
fav. part: cops doing donuts
go watch it if you liked: dazed and confused, american pie, can't hardly wait...etc.
it may be a little bit vulgar at times (not a good 1st date kinda movie)...but in the end, good times had by all.
Fogel rules! chickachickayeah!
yes, i agree aujus. the movie was definitely funny! i can't even remember the last time i laughed so much during a movie. superbad is a movie definitely worth seeing, so go see it! <3 Fogel/McLovin :D
it's definitely good. i'm usually not too into a lot of the comedies that get released. i've seen a lot of them and i'm usually thinking throughout the move, "why are people laughing so much.. it's not that funny." Superbad was definitely funny and I did laugh and giggle a whole lot. I guarantee you will love it, Baron!!!!