New Soundcard

Hey guys, I was just wondering if you had any good suggestions for a new soundcard, I have one now, but recently I upgraded to vista and everything else works fine with vista BUT my soundcard, I have drivers for it, but not a program, so its funny, and im not looking for a $200 one or anything, something like around $50-$100 or something......and for it to be compatible with vista :D

Check out the Creative Audigy. Really good for gaming as far as I know. I have an earlier version, G1... And it's alot better than my one year old Mobo's sounddevice. :)
I bought an Audigy SE today for $30 at Comp USA. It's got a sticker on the front that says, "Works with Vista," but I use XP. It might be a newer revision. Have you tried just updating the drivers for your current Audigy?
I have updated my drivers, but like I said, I ONLY get the drivers with for my soundcard with vista, I dont get a program to mess with my settings, I can do settings in my control panel, but I dont get much settings, and I have 5.1 speakers, but its only working as 2.1......but in game, it works as sonfused :mad:
Hmm.. yeah creative sound stuff is pretty sketchy when it comes to their drivers and things. Did you take a look at their alchemy project they are working on?

The stuff I read on it seems like its actually microsofts fault on this one when it comes to vista as they have changed the way sound works I guess by removing the HAL so you cant get EAX and stuff in games, but thats where the alchemy comes in by using openAL.

"Creative ALchemy Project allows you to run your favorite DirectSound3D games on Windows Vista as the developers intended - with full hardware accelerated 3D Audio and EAX support! This is done by translating the legacy DirectSound calls into OpenAL. In order for this to happen, a couple of files need to be installed into each game directory. This is handled automatically by the ALchemy installer - but can also be performed manually by advanced users."

Taken from their page at Connect creative