What happens when you recommend someone to this clan??

i think thats called recuiting my friend:), remember we dont look at skill, a players additude and character is wut counts
...hmm...for the record, remember -- When using question marks, one or none. One or none my friend.

...and uh...yes, recruiting. Hmm. I think I'd do more of that if I weren't afraid of recommending people I don't like. :p

You get the satsifaction of knowing you just told someone about DoDs' greatest clan.
what happens?

you get that tingly sensation deep inside your heart for recruiting someone into yes, the greatest (well put flea)
SpetzNaz then comes to your house in the middle of the night and.... well, just block out the bad memories when it's all over.

... nothing happens. It might help make YOU feel better, and may, perhaps, help the clan?
Yeah you get the feeling that you helped expand the ranks of the greatest DoD:S Community ever!

@Tucknrole: Quick way to get admin.... Donate 1000 bucks to eGO. :)
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I wish I remember who told me to go on edgegamers.us

was long time ago on avalanche

hehe same here. I think it was was legendofchaos13, there was a banner that said "JohnT wants you!!" and I asked "Who is JohnT and why does he want me?!"

To make a long story short, I'm here now.
An easy way to get JohnT to like you?


1. Donate for the entire mounth
2. Donate for 2 mounths
3. Donate for the whole year