Computer help??

First things first... how much money do you have to spend...
The sky is the limit, on all you can buy or build...
What he said
If you can get me a budget on how much you'd be willing to spend I could whip you up a cheap and powerful build on newegg. :)
RocketX you better be carefull what you say so as not to start a fanboy war, but also because in this case your not right. Untill the AMD quads are out for retail, core2 is faster than AMD chips. That being said, AMD is the best for the money, a better company and for the last 10 years have been producing better and cheaper chips. I hate intell and love AMD but you just can mess with facts, or benchmarks.
He's right

Yeah, right now you get more for your money with Intel... Which makes me sad.... They're more expensive, they are easy to clock... and they clock well. =/ AMD/ATI HOPEFULLY will make something to compete.
Brand isn't as important as knowing where your budget is. Different brands are better at different price points. We also will need to know what you want your computer to be able to do and a rank in order of which is more important. The more money you can spend, the more of those you can get, but you need to think in advance over what is really necessary and which are optional.

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