Annoying grammar and spelling on the forums..


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First off, just let me say that I am not directing this on anyone and what not, but I am merely making a public service announcement :)

I have been missing a few of my friends in posts on the forums as of late. These friends include and are not limited to:
The Shift Key for the start of a sentence and capatilization.
The . , ? ! and ' keys are also your friends. They are useful for breaking up phrases and making sentences. Here is an example of why grammar is important.

Describing how a Panda Bear that eats Bamboo
Panda Bear: A bear that eats shoots and leaves ( confusing phrase)
Panda Bear: A bear that eats, shoots, and leaves. ( improper use of grammar, confuses the reader)

Panda Bear: A bear that eats shoots and leaves. ( correct, puncuation used where needed and capitalized first word in sentence)

It is also important to use "real" words when typing. Here is an example:
ZOMGZ! i r teh l337 u n00bs!!111

Translated: Oh my God, I am the elite you newbs!

Also, "pwned" is not a word. Its orgin is of "owned" but misspelled by someone who can't type and it has been in use ever since.

So to review. The Shift , . ? ' " and ! keys are our friends. Caps lock is a key that deserves to die. Tab is an odd duck for a key. It is rarely used unless you are typing a paragraph and used to indent the first line but that doesn't always work on forums. Also, numbers are not letters and should only be used to denote amounts of something, i.e. I got 107 kills and 34 deaths. Also, using single letters such as u for you, y for why, and r for are do not count as words. They are single letters and shouldn't be used.

Sparing use of emoticons ( smileys) and acroynoms such as "lol" and "rofl" are alright if used very little.
The worst is when people misuse their and there and they're
------------------------ Corp Punishment
Their is belonging, "it is their mg42"

There is location, "it's over there"

They're is a conjunction of they and are, "they're going to the big gun"

Or my personal pet peeve, the misuse of to and too.

"I am way too hot"

"I would like to go to the shops"

------------------------------------------------ Spetznaz
Sheesh people, this applies to everyone: stop posting when there is nothing of substance or relevance to post.

You DO NOT need to reply no every thread just for the sake of replying.

You DO NOT need to start a new thread to share some tidbit about your life that precious few of us care to know about.

I hope you enjoyed your grammar lesson by Blackhawksniper and a few other people too!

cmon guyz F|3a'$ Sp33k is teh Ub3r 1337!!!11!1!111one!!!

I had to. Yes, really I did. I had to. If I hadn't, I would've exploded. And you don't want to see Flea explode. It changes any and all within the blast radius from people to various bits of butter residue from movie theatre popcorn.
wah r u talking bout?!?!?!(jk)....and munch can get PRETTY annoying when it comes to instant messaging, I cant misspell anything, does that make sense to you?, were online IMng, it don't matter if he can read it!!!!, but on the forums, you should try to spell and type correctly, I'm ok when it comes to the forums for spelling.
Yeah, I spell incorrectly alot, but you know, during an intense game I don't have the time to spell everything grammatically correct ;). By the way, isnt "grammar" spelled wrong in this title?
I just like the fact that you spelled grammar wrong in the title thread !lol !lol !lol

haha, pwned...
man i almost feel asleep thru that, thought i was back in school !newborg :( I left skool looooooong time ago :) 8) :). YAY no more skool. i hope i remember my 1,2,G's and A,B, 3's . i don't need a selling leason, and if i did, i would ask the teacher next door !frank . OO you just got pwned FTW. and ppl short cut keys all the time. because in war !borg , you need 2. takes 2 long 2 spell every word :p B) BTW is that toooooo many smilys??? !whoa lol oh crap i forgot to cap my single i's, darn it :( Bunnies is going to cry now !cry
the worst is when people misuse their and there and they're

their is belonging, "it is their mg42"

there is location, "it's over there"

they're is a conjunction of they and are, "they're going to the big gun"

or my personal pet peeve, the misuse of to and too

"I am way too hot"

"I would like to go to the shops"

I agree 100%. Just because this isn't "formal" doesn't mean your posts shouldn't make sense. Half of what I read here requires me to use decrypting skills.....