my soccer career


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well i just tried out for varsity soccer and made it as a freshman. my team just won a tournament in tracy. so yea all is goin well for me. I am so happy we won the tourney. we were down 1-2 in the last minuste of the championship and we scored. in pks i made the winning goal. it feels so good. just wanted to let yall know ehre ive been. blindsfell00
Wowow! Nice job!

You know what varsity sport I got into when I was a frosh?

None, I was always too lazy to play.
Yea when i used to play soccer i hated every minute of it ... i was a goalie ... very good not to brag or anything but thats the only position my coach would play me in because he never wanted to loose lol.... our team was very good going undefeated in tourneys all over the US ... wining the walbaums cup and state cup.... and then our team left to play other sports .... i loved hockey never liked soccer
Nice. I made varsity my freshmen year too. Not only made the team, I was the starting keeper every game of that season. I started every game from freshmen year 'till halfway through my senior year when i blew my knee out. My sophomore year we placed 3rd in state. I was going to go to college to play NCAA div 3 soccer but my knee injury forced me out of the game.