School starts Soon!


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School is starting! Booo!!! i want to play more Dod xD..

But... Learners cant be uhh.... sonething =) But... School is gona suck for me =) Many flaws... Not to many advantages. =`(

But my point is Happy school year!
Ha ha, i know where your coming from. Schools already started for me, really stinks. But it is my senior year, hopefully it will be fun. You have a good year too!
I start a week from monday, so I wont be able to play often anymore because my parents dont want me playing during the week -_-
Gosh, I start college tomorrow. Im trying to enjoy my last hours HAHAH. Im going to bed at 10, i start at 8am tomorrow.ERRRR
I start tommorrow. I have 3 AP Classes, each with a summer assignment I didn't do. It's now 10:40 and I have to get up at 6:15 to register because I missed it a week ago due to the fact that I had to leave for a family reunion. Pretty much... I'm screwed... lol. Oh well... can't win them all.
o man. i start wedsday and i just realized i haven't read any of the books or the reports!! :(

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