Uber allied rocket and first 500, strand


I got 400 or so kills with allied rocket, though I admit about 40 or so were allied rifle.

also a pic of the Corporal imposter at the bottom, lols

then I swopped to axis to get my first 500 kills ever,


man I play too much DODs
you would be most correct, I came in from work and just played it. ooops, I just remembered I was supposed to be playing football tonite. Someone is gonna be upset, woopsy
corp u just kept on droppin every1 in site with that rocket class when u was on allies...but not me, i was that thorn in ur side:p...good job getting to 500!
Nice corp. Had fun on strand with ya buddy. Saved my ass a few times with those beautifully arced rockets on allies.
haha, i remember rev complaining about not being able to put a rocket through a bunker opening. lol
cause ya know *snort rockets are like *snort uber 1337..pshaw
that's true kamphy, though I was on strand for the whole of one rotation, like seven or eight hours

oh and suga you were well elusive, I think I only hit you with rocket once. Some people just didn't learn and still ran into those bunker corners. I just have to say that on strand the allied rocket is as important as the sniper (though some people don't use it), how else will you clear out the camo part of the bunkers. Love those rocket kills

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