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hello, i was wondering if you guys would be into having a scrim with us. i think it would be really cool. we have a scrim server so that wouldnt be a problem just need to know if you guys would like to?
PM a clan adviser about it although were not really big on clan scrims... i know we take a little trip every once in a while to other servers but not often...
yeah pm rev or someone, or possibly a council though they are always awfully busy. I'd like to play depending on the map, if it was strand then I'd be well up for it. I haven't played another map in so long that I doubt I'd be of much use on anything else, lol
actually...pm a council member these sorts of things are up to them, and normally we dont scrim other clans, we only do intra-clan scrims, which is why its not up to sailor or me.
Yeah that's more likely, it'd be difficult to organise a dual clan scrim, plus there would be so many people who wanted to play it would be a thankless job to decide who plays
it would be just for fun so we can practice before we join cal
just thought it would be cool we have a scrim server so all youd have to get is like 8 guys and we could have some fun.
when we scrim we have 16v 16, i got your pm, but i cant make a descion, its not up to me please pm a council member such as artimus or johnt. thanks im locking this
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