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Hey guys, I just wanted to know, how did you get or think of your name?

......My name stated in Donner, Me and The Cake is a Lie where playing with a "kmart security", and Cake said "someone should change there name to "Wal-Mart Security". It had to be a couple weeks later that I decided to try out the name, and I liked it :D
Baron rojo yall know who he is = ) is me = )

But My name is from a Name of soccer fans in colombian called Baron Rojo Sur , also the cartoon the red Baron , the airplane (pilot) and the spanish Metal Band Baron Rojo = ) and the song Baron Rojo = ) = )!!!
Before LadyLuck, my name was [360]Sunshine. Can you guess what LuckyShot's name was? 360 was our area code and I used Sunshine for like 3 years. Then I changed it to LadyLuck only cuz I think about all those shots I missed and how lucky to finally hit someone...and I am a Lady!
I was in a mood in all games to name myself after the weather. It just happened to be hot when I entered the eGO servers....and that's it.
I actually got mine from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, some nubcake joined with a name similar to this one, and when I switched over to DoD for the first time in months, I couldnt remember what my old name was, so I came up with this one. o.o; I'm totally not regretting it. xD
I got my name because I liked Tweek from South Park when I started playing cal tournaments for CS (when I was younger). Before that I would constantly change it, from now on I'm Tweek and I will twitch off HS' like krazy.


--BTW my avatar is a picture my GF drew with pencil from memory of SS Vegeta
One day when I was playing the original DOD I thought of the name VIPER out of the blue. I thought it sounded cool so I decided to stick with it.
I played css before dods against my older brother My name was guyntx. (guy IN Texas) my brother started calling me lucky over the mic. all the time. when I got recruited to the Omerta clan that is what everyone started calling me. so the name stuck. and now I am =(eGO)= Lucky on dods and Omerta|| lucky in CSS. Btw I havent played CSS in like 4 months. got tired of it cause it wasnt any fun.
one night i was drinking with some friend and i kept going places to visit other people in my dorm. when i got back they called me Wandering Willis. there ya go.
I've gone by the handle Fry for a loooooong time, but I think I originally from when a friend of mine and I would always go by characters from popular TV shows. He was Bender, I was Fry... see if you can guess what show that is... (hint: its a real toughy).
i got mine for what i give people in was caboose but everyone had that...soo i took Death :p
I used to go by another name, but it was pretty common and one day I got sick of seeing 50 other people with my name in the same server so I decided to change it. I wanted something original, something not many people would be likely to have. Since my real name is Andrew I decided to go by some variation of that. A lot of people call me drew but I didn't like the way that looked, so one day I was messing around in my windows character map and came up with Đròó™
My original name is based on starwars... Morbid Ewok.... I used to play alot of star wars games as a kid and there was a mod for some old game where you could be a Zombie Ewok with a lightsaber...

Morbid = Dead
Dead = Zombie

Zombie Ewoks... Translates to MorbidEwok....

I got tired of being called MorbideWok so I just shortened it to Morbid. :)
Thor is the Norse God of Thunder, he is the champion of the Æsir (the band of gods who claim the "good" alignment), and he is the working man's god. He finds himself doing many heroic or embarrassing things (Once he had to dress like a woman and marry an ice giant to retrieve his stolen hammer, Mjolnir). Anyway, he tends to be a figure many people can look up to and I do the same. He is also the star in a most fantastic comic, The Might Thor.
One day i was playing on a different server, before i joined eGO of course, and when ended up having a melee only round and i was German and using the spade. So I go on a crazy killing rampage but was finally killed by a even better melee person. So one guy types in your the Kind of Spades and i said no im just the Jack.
back in my css days, i never wanted a clan so i went from server to server. I was doing unually good that day. I was i think at a 6 kdr with a tmp at de_deagle. admin said, either this guy has no life or he's a hacker. i found it quite funny and changed my name to it.

*side note, thats's how i found my first css clan.

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