Day of Defeat Problems

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I changed the resolution on DoD, and it got all screwed up. So screwed up, I cant change it back. Nothing but colorful lines going around the screen and a monitor message saying "Power Save To Kick In In 3.... 3... 3.... (Dang my monitor is slow (no it didn't actually do 3 3 times, it counted DOWN))
Yep, welcome to the problem ridden world of Steam and Valve. My game crashed nonstop for three weeks when I first purchased it. I simply changed the res from 1024 x 720 to 800 x 600 and it started working (still occasional crashing days).
Well whenever I reboot, my settings on Steam games are all reset (usually). The problem is that at the moment I'm downloading the Battlefield 2142 demo, and I dont want to stop it at 86% done.
And the demo had nothing to do with it. I played Day of Defeat for hours before this happened, it was the resolution change. I have no doubt of that.
Well, like I said, welcome to Steam. It has tons of problems that they for some reason don't know how to fix.
well i learned the hard way... i was downloading DoD and i was playing call of duty and my computer crashed... now my computers a 1 year old dell and i was realy mad! so yea i wouldnt play a game while downloading DoD.
Grrr...I had a problem with my vid card and had to reinstall the drivers - ATI Radeon 9550 - 256. Now DoD is cranky to start up. It Steam starts up, then launches DoD, server select, then hangs with a blank screen. I won't be on the server until I figure out how to fix it. ATI cards tend to be a pain once in a while....not to mention DoD.
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