need help filling up snow_forest


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hey guys,i might be sounding like an admin but i want to fill up snow_forest. Its a really cool map to be on and i dont want it to be like the others on the server like anzio (deleted). So when u guys are bored of the other servers or just want to drop by feel free to come to snow_forest.
Yea thanks chaos!!! Yea its a great map guys its being played on our sixth server!!! IP for it is . We usually have like 8 or 9 people in there at some points but we have yet to have a full squad.... at most was like 20 something i believe...
lol death the secret is to stay in the trees when advanceing cause them snipers (me fry jweng legend) we know the great hidding spots we wil get ya if you poke your head out lol.
just when your running in the trees watch for the land mines lol.
Yea we have a bunch of regulars to the map.... me, rogue, chaos, foodsplitter, joan, lucky and other eGO members as well as non eGO members like ArchAngel and frostysnowman.... we have been trying to get him to join but have been unsuccessful so if u see him tell him to join :p
Also known as an overview. I know I personally hate playing without one, especially on an unfamiliar map.