I thought I would let you guys know more about me.

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I was playing last night and got to know alot of you guys. Ive been playing since the Origanal Day of Defeat. Probably for about 3 years. Im 17 almost 18 years but very mature.I have good grades and plan on going to Michigan State University. I enjoy a healthy lifestyle and I love playing hockey all year. I play Ice hockey competivly in the Fall/Winter then mess around in the summer with my friends playing street hockey. I love playing Avalanche and theres only a limited amount of clans that run a 24/7 server. Thanks for running a great server.
Nice to meet you PuppeT. Since I have been playing DOD with you, you have really shown alot of skill and seem really friendly..Look foward to some great matches together!
Welcome Puppet! I think we played together last night. Visit the forums and the game often so that we can get to know you better. You are always welcome!
heh puppet ur old... im only 13!!! but still much much more mature than u :D well good to see you on the forums

Yo tooth im 13 also. Nice to meet you bro
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