I need Lowest of the Lowest!!

Hello everyone, my friend has been using my account lately, if he's been some bothersome, please tell me, I will tell him to lay off.


I got a laptop now, and it's not good lol.

Pentium M 730 1.6ghz
1.25gb DDR2 RAM
80gb 5400 RPM
1280x800 LCD
INTEL GMA 900 (AH!!!!!)

Now, If anyone can help, can anyone make the lowest settings that Source engine can offer, lol. I need it. I can play Half-Life 2, but not even Counter-Strike Source and Day of Defeat Source.

Thanks a lot. If there is no hope... I do not know what to do without DOD Source lol jk
Yeah... Sadly alot of the intel Mobile chipsets don't like the Source Engine.... I'd say call whomever you bought the laptop from and ask about how/if you can change out the processor.
ahhh!!!! thanks a lot guys. I guess you won't be seeing me anymore.

Can anyone trade a Day of Defeat Source account for a Counter-Strike 1 account? thanks
Well, Processor is fine, 1.6ghz PT M 730 is like. 3.2ghz Pentium 4 (the old prescott day models).

IT's the graphics card that is KILLING it.

i tried DX_6 (oh god, directx 6), DX7,8,8.1.

When I look down on a floor, it goes 50-60 fps in 1024x768. but if i look up, horrible 2-3 fps. But some how its still 60 fps in dx6, 7, 8, 8.1 I think its too much polygons in the World/Map. AHH!!!