Meet the Leadership: The Drunken Sailor


Back for the 4th installment, here's Drunken:

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OMG! That video is so awesome! I didnt know the leadership could be so cool, haha Drunken, I cant wait for more they will be epic! Thanks for posting it.
Bravo! Bravo! I laughed so hard at that rattlesnake bit! The soldier sitting at the dinner table was pretty good to eheheheh! Nice job guys!
Heehee I've eaten snake before, but I can't really say if it is good or not because I kept on complaining about how there wasn't any meat on the snake and that I couldn't eat it lol. That must be crazy to eat a rattle snake... aren't they poisonous?
You're heavy a lot :)
My first time, as an e, playing TF2, cashworks, I was a medic, and you were a heavy.
I was your designated medic :D

Doubt you remember though, I still remember that country voice, sounds like Bush, saying "You're a fine medic. Good job, lets keep goin!" :D

Nice production! Make morez!
P.S: Do CS:S Division, Ill Legend!!!!! Then Eje, would be hilarious.. :)
This is LOL hilarious! Very creative!

I give it 4 grenades....out of 5! I'd have given it 5 but disagreed with the Rabid Raccoon choice. :)