Taking out Snipers in Strand


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I am just thinking, wont it be more fun if we dont have any sniper or limit to 1 sniper instead of 2? I played a server with no sniper on DOD_Charlie(Strand) on Old dod, and its actually quite fun, so just wondering if we can do that with our server too.
Yeah, without the snipers it'd totally ruin the feel of the map. As US you are SUPPOSED to die alot to get to the german points. It's not fun getting killed... but neither is having someones favorite class limited because a handful of people don't like being shot. :x
Who else am I going to pick off with a Garand when they poke their heads up? Snipers should stay so I can shoot them in the head.
wow i think your idea just got shot down (with a sniper rifle) Hmm maybe some thoughts should be kept as that.(thoughts) lol
jk no snipers are what makes it fun plus it slows down that allie reinforcment cause it is so much easier to plant than it is to keep them from planting
lol its based on D-Day sorta so.. it should be that way with snipers.. doesn't really mattter.. you just need to learn to kill them lol
Uhh... you guys do realize the he said to limit it to one sniper, not none, right? From most of these responses it seems like you think he said to remove them completely.

That being said, I have no opinion on the matter. I still wouldn't like Strand enough to bother playing there with or without snipers. The only times I've been there since it's gotten popular is when the server resets to Ava and I change the map back, making sure to disconnect before dod_strand loads.
I agree, it is "Blasphemy!" mainly because I'm a pretty much pure sniper, and its hard enough to get the sniper on that map. In my opnion there should be three snipers....mainly because it would make it that much more fun to destroy that many more of my counterpart. :)
yoo hoo he said none or one

Yes, and most people are ignoring the 'or one' part of that, it seems.
sniper rifle just makes it easier to 1 shot kill for allies, granted i'll still head shot you from the beach with a garand, its just a little more work.

whe you look at the teams and they're full this is probably what you see for both of them...

2 snipers, 2 mgs, 1 rocket, 5-7 riflemen, and the rest support/assault

limiting snipers will just cause more riflemen, and most of them can snipe just as well as the snipers imho
I wouldn't have any problem taking snipers from strand. I can only use it if I'm on the beach or shooting onto the beach. But I like using the rifles more cuz they can be used in close quarters combat easier on strand.