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We want to get some Brits in the clan :)

So, if you see any hanging around get them to sign up at the forums.

Btw, what city are you in?

I as everyone knows am in Southern California...SoCal :)
Lol, good ole' Massachusetts for me. GO REDSOX. Oh and the Yankees got knocked out of the series, WOOT!
Actually someone in the clan made the text, I just gave him the picture. I don't have photoshop :mad: Grimzors and Melissa can make you sigs and avatars.
Hah, johnt and dan are valley girls ;-) lol SoCal, i dislike california for...1 reason, everyone has orange skin and blonde hair XD
British!!! im west korean :p and i live in hawaii... never been to the UK but would love to visit.
o and Grimzor... how dare u insult california!!! its the only place where its servers actually give me good ping :D
hey dont bag on cali grim. so cal is the place to be. i love it here. wouldnt move ever. sometimes i do want to get away but thats rarely. and not everyone has orange skin and blond hair. i may have a tan if thats what you mean but i do agree with you and the blonds. i have brown hair and i make fun of all my friends that have blond hair. ( hehe dumb blonds) ;)
yea dude the tigers are my favorite team in the series! if the whole team were girls i would kiss everyone of them! i am a hudge redsoxs fan and i say bout time that washup jonny damen got his ass knocked on his ass! thats payback for leaving the red soxs!!!
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