Question for an Admin


When I play the donner server everynow and then I get the messed "Cussing is not allowed on the server". I am not even cussing. I type "Teams are uneven" and get the message. I go into spec mode and ask why is my typing locked. I get no answer. Then I try to specifically talk to an admin from spec mode, its locked again from the cussing message. Is there an admin locking my chat ability or what? I have never been locked from typing on any server before. If there is a ban against me I would like to know so I can appeal the decision.

Sorry if this section wasn't where this question was supposed to be asked.

the word teams was (To my knowledge) added as a swear word so people wouldn't bug the admins everytime the teams got out of whack, as they tend to even out anyway.
So, what can I say to notify the general players that the teams are uneven? If there is not an admin on to notify or move people. Maybe, "uneven T's", or "Uneven sides"?

Thanks for letting me know that it's a banned word.