The peak of my career!


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You guys wanna know the GREATEST part of being in the military. It's that special feeling you get when your Captain walks up to you. You look at him and hear those 6 MAGICAL words. They are... "I need bodies for a wash." GOD DANG IT! Yes people there's nothing worse than cleaning a B2 Stealth Bomber for 5 hours. The sweet smell of ammonia, your water proof clothing worthless because the water goes down the sleeves, your mouth going numb when the soap gets in it, and not being able to tell sweat from water.. You come out smelling like a wet boot. Ah the military... Gotta love it!
I spent 5 years washing airplanes on a small municpal airport in Texas. I worked for the FBO there and was a lineman (ran the flightline) and mowed acers and acers of grass.

It was my favorite job of all time. I got to fly a lot and worked with my highschool best friend and college roomate.

A golden time.

But the airplane washing did suck. I can imagine what its like to wash a B2....that thing has to be a pain!
guess what emo i get to do washes for the next 90 days YAY....not they moved me to day shift and it sucks so bad, but oh well, just be thankful it was only one wash lol ive got so many coming up its unreal, and these planes are so dirty after they get back from a nice long 6 month vacation, well you know where.
man i complain when i have to wash my el camino. i couldnt imagine washing an entire plane. haha,
Believe me I washed one time for 10 hours straight... We even went on a 2 1/2 hour lunch/dinner whatever because our supervisor took us back to the squadron. so all in all it took like 12 hours...
cool a B2 those are awesome , i know someone that works at Boeing making B1
tho must suck to wash them, but hey someone has to clean them :p
did johnt just say "it sucked"? and that really does suck emo

they've decided to put some hip new words in his vocabulary matrix