Creative X-Fi Fatal0ty


Carmen Miranda21

Like my typo on his name? hehe

Anyhow, I have this. Many of us know how awful it is for BF 2142 (despite supposedly being built almost specifically for that game), but did you know it also sounds like crap in DoD:S?

I have it set to high quality, EAX, etc.
Latest drivers.

Win XP Pro,
AMD x2
g2 gigs ram

Anyone else hating this thing?
Such a shame, nice generous gift from my wife.
I should have specified: slight audio glitching (not as bad as the rampant 2142 bug but still bad) and horrible VOIP. When certain players speak, (weird that it's only certain players), it clips the whole card, and there is no sound until they are done hollering into the mic).

Going deaf,
All Audigy cards do that, ever since Audigy 1.
Don't know what to tell you. It did that when I had headphones, but after I got my surround sound set up(which i hardly use anymore too loud) it didn't do it. Not sure what causes it.
I have the xFI gamer - it does that. However, morbid your wrong. My audigy 2 NEVER had any problems and was the highest quality card I've ever owned. EVER. I got the zs platinum (not pro) - the one witht he front panel, it did everything and perfectly. I have heard tons of bad things about the audigy 1's and 4's.