Dutch people in =(eGO)=?


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Hello guys,

I just wondered, are there any dutch people in this clan. 'cause i only just joined up, and want to get to know all of you guys, but also if there are dutch guys to get to know;)..

So tell me please...

Grtz Alias
I know some dutch people


Good idea Outbreak, I already thought about that... I'll get right on it.. And Flea.. There is some Dutch stuff you can do... Just chill and let everything ride and slide.. That's the dutch way of solving incidents:p
I'm like half dutch; my dad was the first person born in the United States from his family. I don't speak a word of dutch, but I did visit the Netherlands a few years back, like 2005. We have a lot of family there.
I saw his post Wanderer. I already replied, now i'm not the only one from holland in here:D..
Another question. How do Americans think of Dutch folks?
I'm busy scavenging some old clanmembers.. they're not all from holland. Some UK, Sweden and Finland but i hope they will join.. I'll ask them when i see them online at SteamFriends.

SGT. Winters, where do you live:D. As you can see I live in Groningen. How old are you and so on?
We take all people from the Low Countries and Scandinavia :)

As well as the rest of Europ.

We are so happy with our Euro Clanmates that we are going to start up a Euro server soon :)
Thats SO good to hear! :D I just got one of my old clanmates confinced to join up:D.. I hope he's is going to stay:D...
I'm w8ing for the EURO server to start.. U are going to let us know right:p

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