Grossly elongated forum posts in Firefox

Greetings. Problem viewing pages in Firefox here:

I always use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox for web browsing. Sometimes though, my pages extend for, literally, hundreds of screen lengths in width. Clicking and holding down a horizontal scroll arrow never, ever gets me to the far side of the page. Instead, I have to grab the scroll box and drag it to the right, often passing over the content of the page.

This happens most often on forums like MySpace and here on the Edge site, and it's always a horizontal issue - never vertical. I think it might be related to people using specific characters (ASCII characters, special characters and accents) in their display names that Firefox can't read properly.

Has anyone else experienced this issue when viewing forums in Firefox? If so, how do you suggest going about resolving it?
No. But you could probably resolve it by pressing ctrl-shift-r which will do a hard refresh of the page. Probably another site you visit's css file conflicts with this one.
Thanks for the idea. I wasn't aware of that feature. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

I'm currently experiencing this problem on the "Request Bans" forum where several player names containing special characters are listed as the thread title.
Reinstalling didn't work.

As soon as the Lonely posted in this thread, the forum got distorted for me. Probably because of the special character you're using in your display name. When I hover over your name with the mouse pointer, the (underlined) hyperlink extends for thousands of screens to the right.

Does anyone else have any other ideas?