EGO Is My Life!
Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is a COAD program.

Please visit Artimus's sig and click on the 'free streaming music' to visit Pandora. Register there. I have already been using it for a day and have registered all of my co-workers on it.

This program could potentially give us a Months worth of free play time (talking 5 servers here, not music), if all of our admins and clanmates register for the free streamng music.

Sadly, from what I can tell, over 20% of the clan is already using Pandora, having registered just because it is a cool service. I think for those we don't get the benefits of a buck and three nickles.

Here is a direct link to Arti's thread.

Our new goal is to pay for the month of December with NO DONATIONS. Please make Artimus proud and enjoy the music.
Work computers = new ip's = double the bonus bucks ;)

Just make sure you use a new email addy.
ya im confused about this whole COAD thing, im starting to think everyone on ts told me the wrong thing, and could arty make a post here so we can click his sig
ive used it at school on someones account its pretty cool, maybe during the school year ill register on it, if i have any comp classes that is ...

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